Here are a few samples of our work. If you don't see what you're looking for here, contact us about your specific need.


Content Writing

     Jackson Family Care Center helps orphans thrive in China

     LIFE - employment opportunities for developmentally disabled people

     Homes of Hope provides housing for working poor in Mexico

Wealth Management Client (B2C) - promotion of corporate investment strategy

     Moneyball and Markets 


     MD Magazine - Volunteering Your Specialty



     Tax Advisory


Executive staffing agency - 


Consulting/Technology client (B2B) - Product/service fact sheets for trade show use (editing of SME text for use in multinational

      company's U.S. division, branding)

           FAST Health Check for VIM 

           SAP Document Presentment 

B2B Client - email campaign to promote subscription to industry intelligence service.


           Landing page

           Thank you 

B2C Client - print ad for a coming show for a live theatre's guest magazine

           Show preview


Client Communication

Wealth Management client (B2C) - Information/perception management/relationship building

           Breaking News Alert - the effect of international event on clients' wealth

           Service touch - inform clients of a transactional danger

           Newsletter - written with subject matter expert

Live theatre (B2C) - Management of controversial issue

           Print ad in theatre's guest magazine